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Justice & Advocacy

Covid Relief and Community Campaign

Covid Rapid Response and Collaboration:

In response to the overwhelming challenges facing our community and especially our Latino and BIPOC families during the pandemic, local organizations mobilized to coordinate efforts and pool resources. In March of 2020, LLNW joined with LULAC, LCRG, and NAACP to form the rapid response team addressing the unmet needs of undocumented and mixed-status families who did not qualify for CAREs funds or resources. Project leaders and support teams – your generosity and wisdom are deeply appreciated!  

Targeted Services:

Community-wide Activities and Services:

We are strong and powerful together. Our families and communities are safer, healthier, and more resilient when we join together. Thank you to our organizational leaders, project leaders, and support teams – your generosity and wisdom are deeply appreciated!

Support for DACA and Higher Ed Fees

$500 - Pays for one undocumented student's DACA and educational application fees!

Learning Heros (En Español)

Estamos aquí para ayudarte a apoyar el aprendizaje en casa, con medidas sencillas para facilitar la ruta al futuro exitoso de tu hijo.

Latinx Parenting

Latinx Parenting is a bilingual organization rooted in children’s rights, social and racial justice and antiracism, and the active decolonization of oppressive practices in our families.


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